Setup Ghetto Skype on Mac?

Ghetto Skype is an open source desktop application powered by Electron which acts as the wrapper for the Web Skype beta that Microsoft has been working on. A quote from the Ghetto Skype file:

Setup Ubuntu 16.04 in Virtualbox with Guest Additions

To install Ubuntu 16.04 in Virtualbox all you need to do is download the ISO from here and follow this video that I have prepared for you guys

Setup Virtualbox on Ubuntu 16.04?

Virtualbox is a open source, well maintained virtual machine package that can install a huge array of x86 and amd64 operating systems

Getting latest NVIDIA drivers and Vulkan support for Ubuntu 16.04

Sometimes the NVIDIA drivers on LTS Ubuntu Releases are not the best, sometimes they are good, but old. If you want to have access to the new BETA drivers plus Vulkan support on Ubuntu 16.04 this tutorial is for you.

Setup TOR on Ubuntu 16.04?

Tor is a open source, open networking tool that allows you to surf the web with better anonymity, it is basically a free and open proxy type networking tool that will allow you to surf the web from other network nodes. From their site :