Getting Electron Copy/Paste shortcuts working on MAC builds

If you are new to Electron and have noticed that when running the Mac/OSX builds there is no copy/paste shortcut support, don’t be alarmed.

The reason for this is that MAC/OSX requires you to have those shortcuts declared/setup in the application menu, or one of it’s sub menus.

You can do a simple fix by loading the Electron Menu module in your application’s code and setting these shortcuts

Sample Code:

const {app,Menu} = require('electron');

// Callback for the ready event
app.on('ready', () => {
   This is where your other code would go

  // Check if we are on a MAC
  if (process.platform === 'darwin') {
    // Create our menu entries so that we can use MAC shortcuts
        label: 'Edit',
        submenu: [
          { role: 'undo' },
          { role: 'redo' },
          { type: 'separator' },
          { role: 'cut' },
          { role: 'copy' },
          { role: 'paste' },
          { role: 'pasteandmatchstyle' },
          { role: 'delete' },
          { role: 'selectall' }

Once you have added this code to your application code, you should see a new menu that looks like the following image